Leadership Academy for Poland

The purpose of the Leadership Academy for Poland is to bring world-class education to Poland and provide outstanding Poles with access to one of Europe’s best leadership development programs. Harvard professors and other leading educators will teach at the Academy and will be available for consultations and closed meetings with the participants. The Academy will be an opportunity for a deep reflection that re-centers, refreshes and inspires. It will also offer practical insights on how to positively reshape ongoing projects, careers, and life.

The Flying Mind Foundation is a proud coorganizer of the Academy.

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2016 – Bootcamp

2015 – Hackathon
On Dec. 12-13th 2015 we coorganised a 24-hour, multidisciplinary hackathon which main purpose was to find a solution to deal with Krakow’s smog. During the hackaton we created diverse teams of scientists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, sociologists, marketers and other experts whose task was to develop specific, practical and implementable solutions to fight the pollution. Ideas developed by the teams were be judged by a distinguished jury and presented to the authorities of the city. Winners took home some great awards.

• 250 participants and mentors created 13 teams;
• 44 ideas were submitted;
• 11 projects were proposed;
• 8 finalists were nominated and 5 of them took home awards;
• 14 sponsors and 18 partners supported our initiative;
• we had over 1000 mentions about the hackathon over the Internet, more than 50 articles written about us, and over 5000 views of video materials on Facebook.

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Youth in Leadership

Youth in Leadership was an exceptional initiative with the mission to promote positive and socially responsible leadership among students and young professionals aged 18-30 from whole Poland. The initiative had three main goals: to create a community of young leaders, to support them by giving access to world-class knowledge on leadership and to inspire them to positively influence the environment they work and live in. Between 2012-2015 we were realizing these goals by organizing annual conferences and workshops, constantly improving our activities by gathering feedback and experience form previous editions.

• establishing and maintaining a fruitful cooperation with top-notch Partners such as US Consulate General in Krakow, Google, Orange, Benefit Systems;
• creating an organizational structure (12 regional groups in the biggest cities of Poland) in order to improve promotion of the initiative;
• achieving a fivefold increase of applications for the conference over 3 years (220 in 2013 -> 1023 in 2015);
• almost tripling the number of participants at the conference over 3 years (110 in 2013 -> 300 in 2015).

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Legal Swarm Series

Series of meetings and workshops with outstanding lawyers aimed at startup owners, developers and designers. The project was set to improve legal awareness and information supply within startup community in Krakow by providing the best legal knowledge and advise in fields such as intellectual property, investment contracts, databases legal protection, ect.

• Legal Swarm with Łukasz Węgrzyn – Common legal issues for startups (video);
• Legal Swarm with Przemysław Walasek – Legal issues for mobile and video game developers (video).

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The Flying Mind Meetups

Our idea is to organize an inspirational meetings with exceptional and fascinating people in order to share with students their knowledge, perspectives and different points of view on entrepreneurship, development and life.

We want to create a space fulfilled with positive energy 
and curiosity, space that opens minds and let them fly.

The most recent edition of the meetups took place in Sevilla, Spain.


An urban design competition.

Please stay tuned for more details about the project.