The Flying Minds Meetups in Seville

Léelo en español

Dear friends!

The Flying Minds Meetups has just arrived to Sevilla and we are more than excited to invite you all to the first round of our meetings!

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If you haven’t heart about the idea before here’s a short introduction:

The Flying Minds Meetups are an inspirational meetings with exceptional and fascinating people in order to share and exchange knowledge, perspectives and different points of view on entrepreneurship, development and life.

We want to create a space fulfilled with positive energy and curiosity, space that opens minds and let them fly!

…in other words…

We invite: successful and inspiring people.
We will talk about: business, entrepreneurship, start-up’s, personal development and more really interesting stuff.
We dedicate our meetups to: students from all over the world and everyone interested!

After the meeting there is always a time and space to chat, network and to get to know all the Flying Minds gathered!

The first meetup

When: 28th of November at 18:00

Where: class number 15 (first floor, on the right), at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Seville (check the exact adress on Google Maps)

With who: Alex Barrera

Alex Barrera has been working on the startup scene for many years now. Founded 3 companies, previously run Tetuan Valley, a startup pre-accelerator in Spain. Also part of the founding team of Startup Bootcamp Europe. Currently he’s CEO of, a matchmaking platform between startups and bloggers worldwide, where he works with startups, helping them craft the right message to the right audience.

The meeting in absolutely free and it will be held in Spanish!

To share the news and to keep up with all the Flying Minds that are going to be there please go to:

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We are also counting on your feedback which is very important for us. If you would like to share your thoughts please reach us at or via our Facebook fan page.

Maciej Ujejski
law student from Poland
Esperanza Moraleja
economics student
Johannes Mahlberg
economics student
Kristhel Jimenez
estud. de arquitectura
Victoria Adler
economics student

The Flying Minds Meetups in Sevilla are organized in cooperation with the University of Seville.