Leadership Academy for Poland

The purpose of the Leadership Academy for Poland is to bring world-class education to Poland and provide outstanding Poles with access to one of Europe’s best leadership development programs. World-class educators, including Harvard professors and other leading international scholars and speakers, deliver interactive classes in a deeply immersive setting and are available for consultations and closed meetings with the participants. The Academy is an opportunity for a deep reflection that re-centers, refreshes and inspires. It also offers practical insights on how to positively reshape ongoing projects, careers, and life.

The Flying Mind Foundation is a proud co-organizer of the Academy.

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The project, whose main goal was to fight air pollution with innovation and technology, initially started as a 24-hour, multidisciplinary hackathon for citizens. In a few years, it was transformed into an international contest for startups. Events were organized in cities like Berkeley, Beijing, London, and New Delhi, and teams came to Krakow to pitch their ideas from distinguished institutions, such as MIT and Stanford. With the initiative, we helped to increase awareness about the issue of air pollution in Poland and beyond.

Smogathon’s results over the years:
• Donated almost 1 million PLN to awards for participants and to supporting startups and companies fighting smog with innovation and technology
• Organized 15 events in 6 countries on 4 continents
• Was mentioned in over 1000 publications in Polish and foreign media
• Connected almost 300 teams and solutions fighting air pollution in over 60 countries from 6 continents
• Invited over 120 teams and solutions to the events
• Reached 40 million people in the whole world
• Reached 5 million people via social media
• Brought promotional videos to 500 000 viewers
• Found over 100 partners and supporters in the whole world
• Involved over 200 experts in consulting and scoping projects
• Invited over 70 teams to Krakow
• Gathered 2000 people at the events in Krakow
• Supported implementing solutions in over 50 countries

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Youth in Leadership

The first project of the foundation. Its main goals were to educate students and young professionals about the significance of leadership and to create a community of young leaders supporting and inspiring each other by their own actions. The project quickly earned trust and support from renowned institutions, including the U.S. Consulate and Google, and it became the first nationwide initiative for young people focused on leadership development.

Initiative’s results over the years:
• Established fruitful cooperation with top-notch partners, among them the U.S. Consulate, Google, and Orange
• Created an organizational structure of 12 regional groups of volunteers working remotely from locations all over Poland
• Achieved a fivefold increase in applications for the conference over 3 years from 220 in 2013 to 1023 in 2015 and almost tripled the number of participants at the conference in the same period from 110 in 2013 to 300 in 2015

Legal Swarm Series

The main goal of the project was to improve legal education and awareness within the startup community in Krakow by providing high-quality legal knowledge and advice in fields such as intellectual property, investment contracts, and the legal protection of databases. The Legal Swarm Series was organized by The Flying Mind Foundation and Hive53 in cooperation with Google for Entrepreneurs in Krakow.

• Legal Swarm with Łukasz Węgrzyn – Common Legal Issues for Startups (video);
• Legal Swarm with Przemysław Walasek – Legal Issues for Mobile & Video Game Developers (video).

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An urban design competition.

Please stay tuned for more details about the project.